Activities and Initiatives

Activities and Initiatives

Activities and Initiatives
The main goals of an organization’s communication strategy are product promotion, press relations, corporate communications, public opinion, political mediation, lobbying, crisis management, sponsorships and attracting resources (Mourdoukoutas, 2012). An integrated communication strategy based on the following components is known as 6M: knowledge of the market (Market), the advertising objectives (Mission), budget (Money), the message (Message), in the Media (Media) and the Evaluation of Results (Measurement).
The Advanced Media Institute strives to achieve the best result for each component separately for implementation of its projects.
Since the onset of the economic crisis in Greece, the wider field of communication has been severely struck and journalism, in particular. The Traditional Media have experienced a shocking reversal resulting in the closure of newspapers and radio stations. Thousands of journalists have been fired and are on unemployment; the profession, itself, is now questionable.
The insecurity and uncertainty in these areas directly affect and involve students of journalism.
The Institute has continuously supported the Graduate Program “Communication and New Journalism” in the organization and implementation of promotional and advertising programs. In this way, the Institute promotes the Program interacting with institutions, academics, students and the public in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Campaign for the Open University of Cyprus

UNESCO World Press Freedom Day.

The Advanced Media Institute launched a campaign for UNESCO World Press Freedom Day based on ‘freedom of the press’ for the Graduate Program  “Communication and New Journalism”, Open University of Cyprus.

The campaign, a first for the Open University of Cyprus, put Cyprus on the UNESCO MAP as a participating country in this prestigious global event. The project was executed in its entirety at a distance with the participation of around 40 postgraduate students, as well as faculty members, under the supervision of the Advanced Media Institute.
The Cypriot campaign was covered by many media channels in both Greece and Cyprus. In addition, the Institute ensured that the participants’ views were shared on TV news programs.


Apprenticeship Program with Crete TV Group
The Advanced Media Institute initiated an agreement with the Crete TV Group for an apprenticeship program for five top journalism and communication trainees. The apprenticeship of the ‘Crete TV Group’, the largest and most popular news channel on Crete, included training in:


  1. Radio: reporting and broadcast writing, announcing, program production / news.
  2. Television: reportage, script, editing, production and presentation / news/program.
  3. Newspaper: investigating journalism, interviews, writing, editing and printing.
  4. News Portal: searching, writing, posting and optimum use of digital technology.
  5. Communication: advertising experience, broadcast and print campaigns.

Cooperation with the Regional Press Institute
In furthering opportunities for continuing education for journalists, the Advanced Media Institute executed a cooperation with the Regional Press Institute for journalists in the Summer School for Environmental Journalism Program. The Regional Press Institute (RPI) is a non-profit institution for continuing education and retraining of journalists and workers in the Media.



Professional experience for the academic year 2012-2013


Advanced Media Institute, through its network of partnerships with leading Business and Institutions, opened 62 training positions exclusively for the Postgraduate Study Program “Communication and New Journalism” graduates. Participating partners:


  1. Cablenet Telecommunications Company
  2. V + O Communication Advertising Company
  3. Primetel Telecommunications, TV, Internet
  4. Cablenet Telecommunications Company
  5. Nikodea CO Company Network Media
  6. Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK)
  7. Journal newspaper and Portal
  8. Channel 6 Conventional and Internet Radio
  9. Fourlis Group of Companies
  10. Tenfour Agency Advertising Company
  11. One Team Public Relations Company
  12. CSR Greek CSR Network
  13. IANOS Chain Bookstore
  14. Melissa Publishing House
  15. Institute for the Study of Local History and Business History
  16. Alpha Radio 98.9 and Alpha Portal
  17. Free Press Journal
  18. Journal of Journalists
  19. Step Sunday Journal
  20. Step FM Radio
  21. Internet radio show “Beautiful People” of Spam Radio
  22. GarageTV platform
  23. IANOS Culture Chain
  24. Makedonia TV
February 19, 2017