Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy


The Advanced Media Institute undertakes communication campaigns from start to finish, including a unique Communication Strategy and Action Plan for each project.

As highly experienced journalism and communication professionals and members of the academic community, we offer the advantage of applying new knowledge, tools and expertise to create campaigns for effective results.


The following projects highlight a sample of our work for the academic community.


The following activities represent a comprehensive approach to identify, establish and promote the concept of the #retreat 2012, #retreat 2013, #retreat 2014, # CreteRetreat2015, #RetreatConference2016 and #AMIRetreat2017 scientific meetings, as well as all Conferences, Lectures and all enrollment periods in ‘Communication and New Journalism’ Master Program, organized by Advanced Media Institute.


  1. Integrated Communication Strategy
  2. Creative development: Design poster, program, advertising banner, press release, Facebook cover and banner, event on Facebook, advertising spot and direct mail to participants. Development of a micro website with all relevant information.
  3. Marketing and Organization: agreements and sponsorships with hotels, restaurants, companies and suppliers for the efficient implementation of projects.
  4. Content Management: small campaigns with press releases and posts for the traditional & new Cypriot and Greek media, news websites, blogs and social networking platforms. Facebook Campaigns and mail chimp newsletters. Promotion with interviews on targeted radio news and television programs. Special inserts on education media.
  5. Metrics and evaluation


Campaign Media Coverage
All of Advanced Media Institute campaigns are fully covered by both the traditional and digital media of Greece and Cyprus, as well as the social media.


  1. Portals with large numbers of visitors in Greece and Cyprus upload the Institute’s posts and articles, such as, On alert,,,,,,,,,, coke.
  2. Many radio stations cover our news, such as ALPHA RADIO, RIK, CRETE RADIO, RADIO ONE.
  3. Under Advanced Media Institute’s bookings and organization, participants made appearances on informative programs on TV channels, such as ANT1 Greece, RIK, Alpha Cyprus and Sigma TV.
February 19, 2017