Journalism Production

Journalism Production


Journalism content is continuously produced and consistently presented on “Dimosiografia” (Journalism) journal, its website  and its facebook page and  twitter, on the social media of the Institute AMI Facebook Page and Communication and New Journalism Facebook PageCommunication and New Journalism Twitter  as well as the Communication and New Journalism Blog  and in the traditional media of Cyprus and Greece.


The prime source for producing and managing journalistic material, production and management ranges from issuing and uploading a simple post, bulletin or press release to  more complex services, such as creating a TV spot involving specialized talents and skills including  directing, sound engineering, imaging, graphics, editing and distribution.

As an exemplary case, the Institute created a full campaign for UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day supported by a team of participants in ‘Communication and New Journalism’ Open University of Cyprus Master Program.

The large-scale project represents creative and design skills, state-of-the-art digital technology and optimum use of the Social Media, as well as expansive coverage in the traditional media.

February 19, 2017