Study and Training Programs

Study and Training Programs

Media Literacy in the Contemporary School

Advanced Media Institute designed a new MA targeted to teachers and educators. Taking into consideration current research (such as Charting Media and Learning in Europe – 2013) educators should be thoroughly trained in media literacy both during their studies and their professional journey. The aim of this MA program is to offer the adequate tools for schoolteachers, on a theoretical and practical level, to empower their skills and attitude to meet the new conditions and needs deriving from the hyper-communicative environment we live in.  The program is multidisciplinary with the ambition to provide knowledge in the fields of media and communication in response to the needs of the current educational system. In course study, participants will gain a wider understanding of the importance of media literacy today and will be familiarised with the new digital skills both students and teacher should have, as well attain the skills to analyse and produce multimedia content.

MA Program on Social Media and Communication

Advanced Media Institute, in collaboration with Danube University Krems in Austria designed an MA program entitled “Social Media & Communication”. Taking into consideration that media and communication professionals should develop new competencies in order to remain competitive, the program aims to equip them with knowledge, skills and tools regarding the use of social media and digital platforms.

Social Media Seminars

Advanced Media Institute, responding to the ongoing changes in the fields of media and communication in the digital era, designed online courses aiming to help journalists, communication and marketing professionals, as well as the public to learn how to use the new Digital Media more efficiently. At the same time, this is an attempt to fill the gap in research, literature and knowledge in these fields. From branding to blogging and from social media management and content production, the seminars are designed to fulfil the needs of the participants offering different levels for beginners and more experienced users.  More specifically:

  1. Introduction to social media, 2. Social Media in news 3. Smartphone journalism 4. Social media (advanced) 5. Introduction to Blogging, 6. Αudio for internet 7. Video for internet–introduction, 8. Data Journalism –Introduction 9. Blogging (advanced) 10. Social Media & Branding (basic) 11. Social Media & Branding (advanced) 12. Brand U! Facebook –Instagram 13. Brand U! Twitter -Linkedin 14. Content production for social media (individuals) 15. Content Production for social media (journalists) 16. Content Production for social media (communication consultants) 17. Content Production for social media (marketing/brand managers & directors) 18. Social Media Metrics

The first MOOC

The webinar entitled “How does the Internet change the way journalism is conducted in the current media landscape” was designed by the Advanced Media Institute especially for OUC and was offered in collaboration with EADTU as the first MOOC. The aim of the webinar is to offer participants a wider understanding of the new media environment, social media and tools on how journalism is applied today.


February 19, 2017