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Βιβλίο: Εγγραμματισμός στα Μέσα/ Media Literacy

Media Literacy

15.90 14.31

Author: Collective

Editor: Sofia Iordanidou, Sophia Papadimitriou, Lina Valsamidou

Publishers: Metamesonykties Ekdoseis – Advanced Media Institute

Pages: 402

Language: Greek

Βιβλίο: To ολιγοπώλιο του διαδικτύου

Internet oligopoly

12.72 11.45

Author: Nikos Smyrnaios

Publishers: Metamesonykties Ekdoseis – Advanced Media Institute

Pages: 155

Language: Greek

* An English version, published by Emerald Publishing Ltd (September 2018), is also available in e-bookshops (ISBN-10: 1787692000, ISBN-13: 978-1787692008).

Βιβλίο: Κοινωνία και Επικοινωνία - Δημοσιογραφία

Society and Communication – Journalism

14.84 10.39

Authors: Spyros A. Vrettos, A. D. Papayiannides, with the contribution of Nikos Michailides, Vassilis Sotiropoulos, Christos Alexandrou, Michalis Panayiotakis, Korina Pateli

Editor: Sofia Iordanidou

Publisher: Metamesonykties Ekdoseis

Pages: 317

Language: Greek