Journalism and Communication are two fields that evolve dynamically. The Advanced Media Institute, believing that the fields of communication and journalism are as much scientific as they are practical, provides services that link research to practice. Our objectives are:

• To provide specialized high-level, ad hoc training with the introduction and use of innovative tools and new techniques.
• To contribute to further developing the fields of Communication and New Journalism through training and consulting, but also through the organization of events, seminars, lectures as well as printed and digital multimedia and interactive publications
• To contribute to the wider dialogue on the relationship between new technologies and the creation of an open information platform for general or specialized audiences on topics such as new technologies, the Media and Communication and New Journalism
• To contribute to the continuous development of educational material through modern applications, tools and methods.

In line with the vision of the Institute, Practice is constantly evolving into a modern center of professional education and training, as well as of planning, application and production through innovative initiatives and actions in the fields of applied modern Communication and new Journalism in the 21st century.

Advanced Media Institute undertakes commissioned third party projects:

Projects: (communication campaigns, consulting on individual business and institutional matters):

  1. Development of communication strategy
  2. Materialization of part or all the stages in a project
  3. Metrics, analytics and reporting

Organization of:

  1. Conferences
  2. Open days/Day conferences
  3. Lectures

Production of:

  1. Video clips
  2. Multimedia interactive educational material
  3. Publication of handbooks, monographs and collective works
  4. Digital publications
  5. Journalistic documentaries
  6. Journalistic content for webpages
  7. Podcasts