Objectives and Goals

Vision and Mission

Production Department Philosophy

Our philosophy incorporates a collaborative approach to production with an emphasis on teamwork, exchange of views and ideas and camaraderie. This philosophy not only ensures the Institute’s standard of excellence in production but highlights the joint cooperation of its members as a key feature of professional extroversion openness to market trends.

Vision and Mission

The Production Department supports  the Institute’s overall vision of the Institute to develop into a modern training center creating  innovative initiatives and activities in the fields of modern communication and new journalism in the 21st century.

The Production Department of the Advanced Media Institute, Applied Research in Communication and Journalism :

Supports the functionality of an active and creative professional community
Provides specialized, ad hoc scientific and vocational training to young scientists in Communication and New Journalism the Communication  using the latest applications in  their academic fields, with innovative tools and scientific and technical methods.
Organizes seminars, based on ever changing market needs, as well as lectures, conferences, events and printed and digital versions of multimedia and interactive educational materials.
Provides specially designed training packages for individuals, organizations and enterprises, as well as counseling services across the spectrum of contemporary Communication and Journalism needs.
Generates and manages educational material, publications, multimedia and interactive content.



  • Provide specialized high-level, ad hoc training with the introduction and use of innovative tools and new techniques.
  • Contribute to the development of Communication and New Journalism by offering training packages, advisory services and by organizing events, seminars, lectures. In addition, the Institute produces printed and digital multimedia and interactive materials.
  • Contribute to the broader dialogue on the relationship between new technologies and the creation of an open information platform for general or specialized audiences on topics such as new technologies, the Media and Communication and New Journalism

Contribute to the continuous development of educational material through modern applications