Objectives and Goals

Objectives and Goals

Vision and Mision

Toward realizing the Institute’s vision to become a model International Research Centre regarded for in-depth production and dissemination of scientific knowledge in Modern Communication and the New Journalism of the 21st century, the Institute  aims at the following objectives.


  • Design, implement and participate in national, European and international original and applied research projects in all fields of Communication and Journalism.
  • Produce primary research focusing on developing innovative methodological research tools.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge by participating in peer viewed international conferences , publications and scientific journals, as well as in peer viewed collective volumes.
  • Promote the dissemination of innovative knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, organizes closed briefings with representatives and institutions. These meetings are highly specialized in their thematic focus.
  • Support the Research and Content Departments by participation in conferences, electronic publications, essays and collective volumes showcasing current issues relevant to the fields of Communication and New Journalism.


  • Contribute to the production of original and applied research in the fields of Communication and New Journalism.
  • Provide specialized high-level, ad hoc training with the introduction and use of innovative tools and new techniques.
  • Contribute to the broader dialogue on the relationship between new technologies and the creation of an open information platform for general or specialized audiences on topics such as new technologies, the Media and Communication and New Journalism.
  • Contribute to the continuous development of educational material through modern applications, tools and methods.
  • Contribute to the development of ​​Communication and New Journalism by offering training packages, advisory services and by organizing events, seminars, lectures. In addition, the Institute produces printed and digital multimedia  and interactive materials.