Dr Dia Evagorou holds a PhD degree in Language, Discourse and Communication from King’s College London (Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy). Her main research interests are in the area of Discourse Analysis, Applied and Critical Linguistics, and Communication Research. In particular, Dia is interested in interdisciplinary applications of Discourse Analysis investigating the relationship between discourse, society, culture, identities, and ideology in different communicational contexts. Her research interest include critical discourse analysis of the media mediatization of stories, language politics, strategic and corporate communication, social media communication and critical linguistic awareness in education.


Her doctoral research is mixed-method, cross-linguistic, combining corpus linguistic tools with discourse analysis to study the language use in media communication. Her PhD thesis focused on the “Representation of social actors and evaluation: a cross-linguistic corpus-assisted study of the Greek economic crisis in online newspapers reports (2009-2015)”. Her Master thesis (Applied Linguistics: Socio-cultural Approaches, Goldsmiths’ College, University of London) investigated the ‘Construction and negotiation of ethnic and linguistic identity among Greek-Cypriots living in London. Acts of identity in everyday life and sociolinguistic situation of three generations. Bilingualism or Biculturalism?’


Dia is a Special Scientist in the Department of Communication and Internet Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology. She has also worked as an editor in several Cypriot media regarding language, education and culture and also as Media and Communication Officer at the Cyprus University of Technology and the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO.

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