Leonidas Vatikiotis studied Statistics and Insurance Science at the University of Piraeus. His doctoral dissertation, at the Department of Sociology of Panteion University (2008), was a study on the causes of the economic crisis of 1973.

He has been working in many media outlets as a journalist – analyst since 1991 with specialty on economy and foreign affairs. Since 2017 he is chief editor of the journal Dimosiografia (AMI).

He was the scientific editor of the following (among others) documentary films, Debtocracy (2011, about sovereign debt) Catastroika (2012, against privatizations), Fascism Inc. (2014, about the rise of fascism) and This is Not a Coup (2015, about Greek referendum) of Infowar – Aris Chatzistefanou.

He has translated in Greek the following books: Ian Gough, The political Economy of the Welfare State (Macmillan Publishers), John Martinussen, Society, State and Market, A Guide to Competing Theories of Development (Zed Books) and he contributed with others to the translation of The Routledge Dictionary of Twentieth Century Political Thinkers, ed. by Robert Benewick and Philip Green (Routledge).

He has taught at the School of National Defence of the Ministry of National Defence (2008-2011) and at the Varna Free University of Cyprus (2009-2015). Since 2017, he is the assistant of Director of studies at the Faculty of Environmental Planning and an adjunct member of academic staff of the Open University of Greece.

He has been elected five times (2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) at the boarding committee of the Economic Chamber of Greece.