Sofia Iordanidou is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication at the Open University of Cyprus and the President of the «Advanced Media Institute, Applied Research in Communication and Journalism. Since 2011, the MA Communication and Journalism has been developed and is being offered at the OUC, under her responsibility. She is the publisher of “Dimosiografia” journal and the website manager of

She has worked many years in the field of Journalism and Communication Strategy. In New York, she worked for the Voice of America and was the White House correspondent for newspapers in Greece, as well as responsible for the Mondale pre- election campaign. In Athens, she was a journalist for both ERT and MEGA channels. Her extensive experience includes political consultancy and advisory to many companies in corporate communication. She also created the Department of Communication and Press Office for MEGA CHANNEL, where she was Director and established NETNEWS, S.A., the first television agency in Greece and NETRESULT, Ltd., a communication strategy company.

She studied Italian and English Language and Literature at CUNY acquiring a postgraduate degree majoring in Comparative Literature at CUNY. She received her PhD completing the thesis “The Pirandello in Greece” from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her scientific research focuses on a) journalism and the functioning of the Media, as well as the challenges posed by the transition to the digital age and the social media b) communication strategy and c) Media Literacy.