Vaggelis Plakas was born in Thessaloniki in 1975. He has studied Journalism as well as Business and Organization Management. He has attended specialization seminars in Mass Media and Civil Αdministration.

He has been working both in press and digital media since 1996. Today he holds the position of the news editor of the Municipal Television of Thessaloniki (TV 100) and he is also a political editor in

He coordinates the activities of the department Think Tank which belongs to the Greek Research and Development Institute (ELINEKA). He is a member of ESIEM-TH where he has been a member of the Board of Directors of its Educational Institute.

Vaggelis Plakas has written the historical essays “The Holocaust of Chortiatis, 60 years after” and “The village that defeated death -The story of the landslide of Mikro Chorio in Evrytania”. The latter has also been filmed as a documentary. Moreover, he has written a number of political books like “The anxieties of the Middle State and Politics without Angles”, “The new transitional State” and the political campaign guide “Elections in Practice. The Steps for an Election Victory.”

He has also been the editor and publisher of the annual “Political Calendar-Agenda of Thessaloniki” since 2007. Furthermore, he is the organizer of the “Developmental Convention of Thessaloniki” which takes place under the aegis of ELINEKA.